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Who Has Time to THINK About Long-Term Care Insurance?

February is National Time Management Month and it seems every year people become busier and busier. Even though we have technology simplifying tasks and improving communication options, it seems as though we have less and less time to get things done every day.

Long-Term Care Insurance Quote Del Mar CA - Who Has Time to THINK About Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-Term Care Insurance Quote Del Mar CA – Who Has Time to THINK About Long-Term Care Insurance?

Is it that we have less time or that we’re overwhelmed with ‘things to do?’ That’s a question for a different article and debate, but when it comes to planning ahead and thinking about our future as well as protecting family, there’s really no excuse for putting things off.

That includes about long-term care insurance.

Most people in their 30’s and 40’s don’t even have time to think about life insurance or what they’ll actually do during their retirement years. They are most likely focused on working, paying bills, paying down their mortgage, pumping money into their 401(k) retirement funds, investments, and so forth so they can actually enjoy their Golden Years.

There’s no way (at least in their mind) they or their spouse or any dependent is going to require long-term care. It’s just not something people can easily wrap their mind around.

Even when a person is thinking about the future and all possibilities, good and bad, they rarely think about long-term care insurance. Yes, they might think about life insurance. Yes, they may think about those retirement portfolios and investments. Yes, they may contemplate certain travel destinations that are at the top of their list for their retirement years.

Yet, people rarely think about long-term care insurance. ‘There’s Always Time’

If you’re one of those people who seem to have so many things going on just ‘keeping them busy’, it’s easy to set things aside and just assume you’ll get to them eventually. For far too many people, though, ‘eventually’ is an arbitrary date and they never really get around to it.

They might move smoothly and quickly through their 50’s and suddenly find themselves chasing down 65 and that’s when they start thinking about long-term care options. Maybe if a parent or friend suddenly required long-term care, it might trigger a thought in their own mind.

Unfortunately, by the time a person is 65 they may no longer qualify for long-term care insurance, depending on their health and that of their immediate family and dependence.

The best time to start thinking about this is now.

If you want to properly manage your time and future, take some time out of your hectic, busy schedule and learn what you can about long-term care insurance. The sooner you get a quote and start a policy, the more affordable it will be over time.

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Steve Elliott

Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist at LTC Capstone Insurance
Steve Elliott with Capstone Financial Assurance is a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist

I work with all the major insurance companies and my objective is to help my clients determine if long term care protection makes sense for them and if so, to help them shop the market to find the best company at the best rate

I specialize in Traditional Long Term Care Insurance as well as Hybrid Long Term Care Plans which are either a combination of Life Insurance and Long Term Care or an Annuity Plan with Long Term Care

I’ve been specializing exclusively in Long-Term Care Insurance Planning for over 21 years.

Steve was recognized as a 2003 Long Term Care Expert of the Year at The National Long Term Care Producers Summit

2006 was awarded Senior Market Advisor of the Year Finalist by Senior Market Advisor Magazine

National Speaker for Numerous Industry Meetings

Awarded Nations Top 10 Agent 8 times by the American Association of Long Term Care Insurance

Author of numerous published articles on long term care planning