Have you ever thought about that situation where your elderly mother may need long-term care? Perhaps she’s already had a health scare for other issue and you supported her. Over time, though, you may have felt the impact of stress and anxiety has had on your life as a direct result of being a family caregiver.

Long-Term Care Insurance Quote Carmel Valley CA - Without Long-Term Care Insurance, Could You Be Responsible for Your Parent's Care?

Long-Term Care Insurance Quote Carmel Valley CA – Without Long-Term Care Insurance, Could You Be Responsible for Your Parent’s Care?

Hopefully that didn’t last too long. Maybe a few weeks or a couple of months, right? What would’ve happened, though, had she needed this level of care for years?

Is that something you would have been able to continue doing? In many cases that stress family caregivers feel begins to affect them acutely and intimately. It affects every aspect of their life, from their relationships to their careers and even their health.

What if your mother needs long-term care in the future?

Are you going to be the person who steps up to support her? Maybe you don’t work. Maybe you’re retired, your spouse is supporting the family, and that’s the way it’s been for a long time. Just because you have that extra time doesn’t mean you won’t feel stress as a primary caregiver.

What if your mother needs more direct medical attention and support with things you simply can’t provide? What if she needs help just getting into and out of the shower and though you don’t have a problem emotionally with that, she does?

Who is going to help her? You may discover at some point in the future she needs more than you can offer. In short, you may need to hire some type of long-term care.

If she doesn’t have long-term care insurance, are you going to be financially responsible for her?

If she can’t afford it and doesn’t have assets that can be converted into cash to pay for long-term care, she may be eligible for Medicaid. However, she would need to use up all of her assets, including her primary residence before Medicaid would kick in.

Will this make you responsible for her expenses? No, not unless you have some type of arrangement where you two are bound together financially. If you or your spouse require long-term care, you would certainly be part of the financial liability for it.

Just because you wouldn’t be responsible for her care, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

If she doesn’t have long-term care insurance yet, now is an ideal time to see if she would qualify for it and get a quote. The older she is, the more difficult it might be to qualify and the more expensive the monthly premiums will be, but it can still protect her assets, especially if they are significant.

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