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Yes, Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance Certainly DOES Qualify as Strategic Thinking (and Planning)!

It was International Strategic Thinking Month recently and for those who may be contemplating long-term care insurance, that would certainly qualify. After all, you might be spending 20, 30, or even 40+ years building your ‘nest egg,’ your retirement fund. You may have been putting into your 401(k) for decades, investing in stocks, CDs, bonds, and other wise decisions. You want to protect yourself and one that commonly gets overlooked is the prospect of requiring long-term care.

Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums Carlsbad CA - Yes, Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance Certainly DOES Qualify as Strategic Thinking (and Planning)!

Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums Carlsbad CA – Yes, Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance Certainly DOES Qualify as Strategic Thinking (and Planning)!

It might not be you who needs long-term care now.

You might be fit, healthy, jog every day, workout at the gym, watch what you eat, avoid soda and other sugary products, cook everything from scratch, and so on, but you have no idea what’s coming around the corner later today or tomorrow. It could be a car accident, slipping down the stairs, or getting pushed. It might even be your spouse who falls ill with a sudden ailment.

With all of this hard work, dedication, and perseverance to build toward retirement so you can travel, enjoy taking up an art or other creative venture, or simply enjoy sitting along the beach every single day reading a book, learning how to surf, and enjoying the sun, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you’ll want to protect it against all potential circumstances that could rip all of that money away from you?

Understand the cost of long-term care.

Right now the cost of long-term care for just three years can be well over $150,000 at the cheapest. A home care aide full-time may cost around $45,000 per year, on a national average. Nursing home care would be upwards of $85,000, again on a national average. Some places can cost $120,000 a year, or more.

In just three years you might see a significant part of your retirement portfolio (if not the entire thing) wiped out.

So, if you truly want to plan strategically to protect yourself, your family, and your finances, it pays to sit down with an experienced agent and learn as much as you can about long-term care insurance. You might be surprised to learn that a small monthly premium can protect so much of what you’ve built over 40 years.

There’s no reason anyone should head into retirement unprotected. If you carry life insurance it stands to reason you should also carry long-term care insurance. By ignoring this or downright refusing it, that’s not a great strategy. You may be healthy today, but tomorrow your entire world could turn upside down.

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Steve Elliott

Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist at LTC Capstone Insurance
Steve Elliott with Capstone Financial Assurance is a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist

I work with all the major insurance companies and my objective is to help my clients determine if long term care protection makes sense for them and if so, to help them shop the market to find the best company at the best rate

I specialize in Traditional Long Term Care Insurance as well as Hybrid Long Term Care Plans which are either a combination of Life Insurance and Long Term Care or an Annuity Plan with Long Term Care

I’ve been specializing exclusively in Long-Term Care Insurance Planning for over 21 years.

Steve was recognized as a 2003 Long Term Care Expert of the Year at The National Long Term Care Producers Summit

2006 was awarded Senior Market Advisor of the Year Finalist by Senior Market Advisor Magazine

National Speaker for Numerous Industry Meetings

Awarded Nations Top 10 Agent 8 times by the American Association of Long Term Care Insurance

Author of numerous published articles on long term care planning