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What’s the Worst That Could Happen If You Don’t Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

Insurance is a type of topic that people have a tendency to avoid when they don’t feel it’s necessary. For example, if automobile insurance wasn’t required by law for any registered vehicle on the road, not everyone who has it right now would still have it. Some people believe their ability to drive safe means they won’t become involved in an accident. This same kind of mentality applies to long-term care insurance.

Long-Term Care Insurance Companies Oceanside CA - What’s the Worst That Could Happen If You Don’t Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-Term Care Insurance Companies Oceanside CA – What’s the Worst That Could Happen If You Don’t Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

Let’s think about this more closely.

Thomas recently graduated from college, landed a great job, and purchased his first new car. With the bonus he received for signing with his company, he bought this vehicle for cash. Therefore, there was no stipulation or requirement to carry collision insurance. So, he decided to forgo that and only carry the minimal requirement by law.

He was a safe driver! There was no way he’d be involved in an accident.

Three weeks after purchasing the vehicle, he was hit. Somebody ran a red light and he never saw them coming. His new car was completely totaled. He was also injured. At 26, he never considered long-term care insurance, nor should he have. However, he was out the $27,000 the vehicle cost him because he decided to skip on collision insurance.

This is what happens far too often when older individuals don’t consider long-term care insurance.

Thomas took more than eight months to recover from the injuries he sustained in an accident. Fortunately for him, there was some recourse with the other driver’s insurance company and a different type of civil recourse.

However, for somebody in their 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, if they suffer a medical emergency like a heart attack or stroke, a broken hip due to a fall down the last couple of steps, or happen to be involved in an automobile accident like Thomas was, it might take 12 months or even longer to recover. In some cases, that individual may never recover completely.

The cost of long term care in the United States continues to increase. Currently, a one-year stay in a nursing home can cost around $85,000. For assisted living, the average cost may be $75,000. Even for a full-time in-home care aide, that could be $42,000. The cost of this can quickly add up, especially if the person may require two or three years of long-term care.

Anyone who is building for retirement, saving money, and being focused on protecting themselves and their family financially in the future should certainly consider long-term care insurance as early as possible, preferably somewhere in their early to mid 50’s, if not a little sooner. The earlier a policy begins, the more cost-effective it can be with regard to monthly premiums.

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