How many different types of insurance do you have in your life? You probably have automobile insurance if you own a car. At least, you better if you are obeying the law. You may have health insurance, again, possibly because of law (if it’s not provided by an employer). What about other types of insurance? Do you have life insurance? Do you have homeowner’s insurance? Renter’s insurance?

Long-Term Care Insurance Companies Carlsbad CA - Insuring Against the Possibility Long-Term Care Is Necessary for Your Future

Long-Term Care Insurance Companies Carlsbad CA – Insuring Against the Possibility Long-Term Care Is Necessary for Your Future

These are all important types of insurance to have, and if you have some of the latter, but you don’t have long-term care insurance, you may be putting yourself and the rest of your family at unnecessary risk as you approach your Golden Years.

This type of insurance can protect against long-term care needs.

At some point in the future you might find yourself in a situation where you need long-term care. This might involve a lengthy stay at a nursing home, assisted living facility, or even home care. If that’s the case, the cost of these situations can be significant.

In fact, the cost of nursing home care and assisted living continue to outpace inflation, mostly because of demand. You could end up paying more than $100,000 a year at a nursing home. What if you required three years of nursing home care? That would total more than $300,000.

Would you have enough in your retirement savings to cover that? Maybe you did or would, but what about the rest of your retirement? What about the rest your family? What would they do if that basically consumed every dollar you had saved throughout your entire life?

What if this forced your spouse to take out a reverse mortgage or even sell the house because they could no longer afford these expenses on their own?

We often don’t want to think about the prospect of long-term care.

We may not think about it because we don’t realize it, but as people live longer and deal with more challenges in later life, the necessity of long-term care may increase. If you want to protect your family and your assets, especially your savings and retirement portfolio, you should consider long-term care insurance and contact companies to get a quote now.

The earlier you begin a long-term care insurance policy, the more affordable it will be with regard to monthly premiums. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be and the more you run the risk of being denied because of age, health, and other factors. When you understand the cost of long-term care, and the growing possibility it may be necessary for you or your spouse, you will realize the true value and long-term care insurance.

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